Brian May ‘hypnotized’ by unearthed images of Freddie Mercury and Queen

Sir Brian wrote on Instagram: “I’m a bit mesmerized by this little clip posted by @melina_brianqueen – (thanks, I told you I might have to pinch it!) Brings back so many memories from forgotten corners of my mind. . A moment in time, in rehearsals for a very early tour, having a sandwich, some orange juice, finding things to smile about, to laugh, to think about. You may not recognise…in the red jersey, John Harris, our first Queen roadie, a great soul dedicated to his calling, in the off-white jersey. Big Rich: Super guitar tech of his day, stolen from Mott the Hoople, but now sadly gone to heaven. And with him a boy who came with him from Mott, universally known as Ratty, who manned Freddie’s microphones, etc.”

The 75-year-old man was especially struck by a photo of the singer with the guitar.

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