Brian May Celebrates Tony Iommi’s ‘Dear Friend In Showbiz’ Birthday

Tony continued: “We had a very fast connection and we used to talk to each other at all hours of the night in the early days. I’m in bed now, but on those days, if he knew he was in the studio in London, he’d come. We’ve gotten stuck a couple of times. He came up on stage and played with me, and we’ve done some album stuff together on different people’s albums. He played on my solo album a couple of times.”

“[He] was reduced to one [Black Sabbath’s] rehearsals, when we were rehearsing in London, and we started playing with the band and the band gradually left, and Brian and I stayed playing there. All the equipment was gone, except for our equipment, and we were still playing!

The Black Sabbath legend, who turned 75 over the weekend, said he always has a guitar on hand when the Queen star comes home to play.

Sir Brian, who is the same age, shared a touching birthday message for Tony on his Instagram over the weekend.

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