Boris Becker ‘deported in time for Christmas’ on accelerated release

Boris Becker has signed up for a fast-track prison release scheme that would see him deported to Germany, prison sources say. The disgraced former tennis star will reportedly walk free in December, just eight months after being sentenced to two-and-a-half years behind bars.

In April Becker was jailed after being found guilty of breaching insolvency rules by concealing more than £2.5m in cash, shares and property. But less than a year after his stay at HMP Huntercomb in Oxon, he appears to be ready to join his family in time for Christmas.

According to Sun, has been approved for a fast-track scheme set up for foreign fraudsters to reduce pressure on overcrowded British prisons. The scheme allows “any foreign national serving a fixed sentence who is subject to removal from the UK to be removed from prison and deported up to 12 months before the earliest release point of their sentence”.

If the inmates agree to deportation, up to 135 days are cut from their sentences, which Becker is likely to benefit from. The six-time Grand Slam champion has been predominantly based in England in recent years, but he is from Leimen, Germany, and will have family abroad.

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In a statement given to The Sun, his former spokesman said: “We are pleased that Boris is able to qualify for early release and be able to travel to Germany, although England has been his home for many, many years.” It sure means a lot to him and his family to be together for Christmas.”

A Home Office spokesman added: “Any foreign national convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison is considered for deportation at the first opportunity.”

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