Black Adam boss confirms the future of Henry Cavill’s Superman

Black Adam is only hours away from hitting theaters, but fans have already been given plenty of details about what’s to come. Dwayne Johnson has been very open with DC Comics fans that he is fighting for Superman to return, forever. And now, one of Black Adam’s producers, Hiram Garcia, has opened up about Henry Cavill’s triumphant return and what it means for the future of the franchise.

After years out of the cloak, Johnson has all but confirmed that Cavill will appear in Black Adam in a major way.

Garcia further teased this return in a new interview by revealing that the long-rumored battle between Black Adam and Superman won’t just be a “one-off” event.

Instead, he and his longtime creative partner Johnson want to build something that lasts.

Garcia said, “No, it’s about much more than that. We really want to create a long narrative form and show that these two characters exist in the same universe and they’re going to have to deal with each other often, whether it’s on equal sides.” or opposites.

Garcia added: “Hopefully they’ll meet at some point, but it’s not just a ‘one fight’ situation. That was never our dream. That doesn’t reward the fans. The fans want to feel a journey between these guys knowing that these types exist in the same universe. (via Cinema Blend)

Johnson has been extremely clear in recent weeks that all the work he’s doing for the DC franchise is for the fans.

He recently stated, “I’ve been waiting for someone to come up and turn to the fans and say, ‘Hey, we heard you.’ So finally, after many months turned into many years, we ended up with what we ended up with.”

Johnson added that the “whole goal and intent” is to create a new era. “Now,” he added. “We are going to build”. (sic)

DC is undoubtedly pursuing the kind of movie empire Marvel has been working on for over a decade. And Johnson confirmed it on his Twitter account earlier this week.

He told his fans, “#BlackAdam will serve as our storytelling phase 1 in our DC Universe. These are exciting times for the brand to build and grow.” (sic)

Cavill was last seen on the big screen as Superman in 2017’s Justice League, one of Warner Bros.’s supreme critical and financial flops.

Black Adam hits theaters tomorrow.


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