Billy Ray Cyrus Proves His Love Is Real With Firerose’s Engagement Ring

Judging by photos posted on Instagram, Zack Stone of the British retailer steve stone says Billy Ray Cyrus chose a particularly “romantic” style of engagement ring for his bride-to-be. “Billy Ray’s choice of a round cut diamond is particularly romantic as it is believed to symbolize eternal love and eternity,” Stone told Nicki Swift. The piece isn’t particularly spectacular design-wise, but Stone says that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a well-thought-out choice. “While the design of the ring doesn’t seem to communicate anything about Firerose or Billy Ray’s personal style, the choice of a thin band suggests that the singer put a lot of thought into Firerose’s career as a musician, as thin bands maintain durability.” said the jewelry expert explains.

Without further information, not much can be said about the carat size or quality of the stone, which we assume to be top of the line. We also can’t give you much personal information about Firerose herself (and believe us, we’ve looked) other than that she’s an Australian artist now living in Los Angeles, and her new fiancé has nothing but praise for her. In an interview promoting “New Day,” Cyrus said iHeartRadio“She’s a really super talented and persistent human being.”

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