Biblical Biffy Clyro put on a dazzling show at the O2

This was followed by a stellar supporting slot from Brighton’s Architects, who declared they were going to “light up the O2” with their synth-laden heavy sound, ferocious lead singer Sam Carter roaring at the top of his lungs and cheering the crowd on. as a whole blazing, sometimes shaking the ground. After their sold-out headlining show at London’s Alexandra Palace in May, it won’t be long before they headline the O2, impressing Brighton rock royalty in the meantime, with duo Royal Blood in attendance on Saturday.

Finally, Biffy Clyro enters the large, multi-layered, level stage, with lead singer Simon performing majestically on a raised plinth.

In a strong start for the band, Simon encourages fans to yell DumDum’s “That’s how I f*ck it from the start” lyric. Playing at a ferocious pace, there’s no break in the hits, proving their place as rock superstars, who headlined Download festival in the summer of this year.

Mammoth Strike Who’s got a match? it opens with Simon swinging a light over his head, proclaiming “It’s Saturday night, no work tomorrow, let’s party, we’ve got the day off too!”, before launching into the heartfelt Black Chandelier.

That Golden Law saw Simon reappear topless, his sweaty, tattooed torso showing he’s putting his all into every word and chord tonight.

The heavy riffs were complemented by the fiddlers during their big ballads and blended brilliantly with unrelenting energy, often feeling like there was no pause for breath.

Standing in the upper left section of the stage, Simon sang Machines, alone on the giant stage under a spotlight playing acoustic guitar with the O2 singing melodiously with the stark lyrics “I’ve started to fall apart, I’ve forgotten how good I could be.” Feeling alive’.

With a sea of ​​blinding camera lights in the air, and the crowd singing the refrain “Take the pieces and build them up to the sky” to him, this was truly a moment to behold, concluding an immense show from the mighty Biffy Clyro.

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