Beverly Hills Dentist Discusses Whether Miley Cyrus Has Veneers – Exclusive

Miley Cyrus has never admitted to having any work done on her teeth. That said, many have weighed in on what she has potentially done to change her appearance.

After the singer shared an X-ray of her teeth on Instagram, TMZ brought in a dental assistant to weigh in on any possible procedures. In addition to noticing some possible cavities, the smile specialist stated that Cyrus has veneers placed on all of his upper teeth. Additionally, YouTuber Lorry Hill weighed in on the subject with a video dedicated to the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s possible dental work. Hill believes one of the first procedures Cyrus had was on her teeth, insisting she had lingual braces as a teenager in 2007. According to Hill, it appears the singer received her first set of veneers soon after the braces. they were eliminated. “I definitely see that first set of veneers,” she explained. “In any case, Miley has an absolutely beautiful smile.”

That said, the YouTuber believes that Cyrus has been placed in more than one game. Her teeth looked noticeably different in 2021 than they did in 2017, and Hill explains that her most up-to-date veneers are less opaque and more translucent. Hill isn’t the only person speaking out about Cyrus’s dental value. With so much speculation surrounding the former Disney star’s teeth, Nicki Swift has decided to get in touch with an expert to see what they think of Cyrus’ transformation.

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