Below Decks: Inside Captain Kerry Titheradge’s Relationship With Captain Lee Rosbach – Nicki Swift

The original “Below Deck” skipper, Captain Lee Rosbach, has been wowing audiences with his dry humor and one-liners since 2013. Newcomer Captain Kerry Titheradge just joined the “Below Deck” franchise deck” in November, according to Bravo Insider, but he has known Rosbach for a long time. Even though Titheradge hails from Australia, it seems that these two captains have a lot in common. Rosbach and Captain Kerry Titheradge not only run tight boats, but are also good friends.

In fact, Titheradge sought Rosbach’s input when he was offered the chance to star in Adventure Below Deck. While attending BravoCon 2022, Titheradge revealed (via Bravo Insider), “When the opportunity to do this came up, I called Lee and asked if he would do it again if I had to redo his time. He said, ‘One hundred percent.'” Titheradge and Rosbach knew each other for about a decade after they met at a golf tournament.

Titheradge initially had some misgivings about the Bravo program. He said tv insider, “I was not on board with the first few seasons of the show. I worked on some of the biggest yachts in the world, and by no means do they want anyone to know about their private activities on board. As the seasons continued, I really began to see the people looking at this differently.” Rosbach’s advice sealed the deal for Titheradge, who then agreed to skipper the Mercury.

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