Below Deck Med: How Hannah Ferrier Really Feels About Natasha Webb – Nicki Swift

Hannah Ferrier is not impressed with Natasha Webb, for Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “It’s really hard because obviously they’ve changed the main stew every season since I’ve been gone. And I feel like that’s a very important role in ‘Below Deck.’ Because you want somebody who’s good at their job, but then at the end of the day…it’s still a reality show. So you want someone who’s funny, who’s fast.” Ferrier went on to say that she doesn’t think Webb will play that role. “She might be very good at her job, but she doesn’t sound like interesting television.”

At first, viewers of “Mediterranean Below Decks” liked Webb, but their initial likeability quickly fell after his hot and cold treatment from chef Dave White. While Webb tried to keep her brief affair with White a secret, it was revealed that they had a previous affair on another ship and that she had cheated on her boyfriend with him. Webb and White’s relationship turned sour and many viewers thought she had cheated on him (via rant on screen).

Webb’s drama with her boyfriend also affected her work, and she was often shown texting with him during her shifts. Much of the work fell on Natalya Scudder’s shoulders and her frustration spilled over to Webb and Kyle Viljoen, causing friction between the interior, via Bravo. Many viewers felt that Season 7 was frustrating to watch and another “Below Decks” main stew agreed.

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