Below Deck Fans Tell Nicki Swift Which They Think Is The Best Franchise

In an exclusive Nicki Swift poll with 582 votes, 27.49% of respondents chose “Below Deck” as their favorite show from the franchise. It is not a surprise, since the original program has been the longest and provided viewers with many years of entertainment. Captain Lee Rosbach is also a fan favourite, and while his stern nature can be intimidating at times, he showed the gentle side of him when he spoke fondly about his wife Mary Anne Rosbach. Rosbach has also entertained viewers with his hilarious quotes Through the years.

“Below Deck Sailing Yacht” and “Below Deck Down Under” came in second place, with both franchises tied with 25.43% of the vote. Captain Glenn Shephard from “Sailing Yacht” was also a hit with fans. In contrast to Rosbach’s stern nature, Shephard was more relaxed and affable with the crew. Fans were also particularly captivated by Gary King and the many women he courted. As for “Below Deck Down Under,” it quickly became a hit after just one season, and it didn’t hurt that Captain Jason Chambers aka “Captain Cutie” provided viewers with visual appeal. “Below Mediterranean Deck” came in last place with 21.65% of the votes. It is not surprising, since the daily beast has rated the currently airing season 7 as the worst yet. Overall, it was a very close race, showing that fans love the “Below Deck” franchise.

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