Beatles’ John Lennon singing Yellow Submarine leaves fans in tears

Earlier this year, Giles Martin, son of The Beatles producer George Martin, announced that a trove of 31 outtakes and three home demos would be included in his Super Deluxe edition of Revolver: Special Edition, to be released on 28th May. october. The 1966 studio album, recorded by the Fab Four after they abandoned live touring, features classic tracks like Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine, but now the truth behind the latter has been uncovered.

Yellow Submarine by John Lennon and Paul McCartney is a much-loved children’s song with Ringo Starr on vocals in what is also the theme and title of The Beatles’ surreal animated film.

According to Rolling Stone, the apocryphal origin story was that Macca wrote it fast and Lennon put up with it. However, one of the outtakes from the Revolver recording sessions that was released digitally before the new box set has the late star singing it with different lyrics.

In this wistful home-recorded version, he sings: “Back where I was born/No one cared, no one cared/And the name I was born/No one cared, no one cared.”

Martin said: “I had no idea until I started going through the outtakes. This was a Lennon-McCartney thing. I told Paul, ‘I always thought this was a song you wrote and gave to Ringo and John was like, ‘Oh fucking Yellow Submarine.’ No problem. That’s like a Woody Guthrie song. But it’s beautiful in a way, where you realize there’s a lot of depth behind it. When you listen to the outtakes, even knowing the beauty of that version by John, you know why Ringo ended up singing it. And it was acutely, let’s face it, the right decision to make.”

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Speaking to USA Today, Ringo said: “Guys used to write a song for me and put out what they thought would be good for me. They had this song and decided to cheer it up. I think Paul thought of [a yellow submarine]. It could have been in a green submarine, but a yellow submarine is much better. Or a deep purple submarine, that would have been like, ‘What are they talking about now?’ But yeah, it was a Ringo song, like ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ was a Ringo song.”



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