Back To The Future: Michael J Fox Calls For Massive Change In Remake

Earlier this month, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd had an emotional reunion at New York Comic Con to thunderous applause and excitement from Back to the Future fans around the world. It’s been 37 years since the original movie hit theaters and people still can’t get enough of it. This is something the Marty McFly star has only recently been able to come to terms with, having changed his mind.

Fox said, “The most amazing thing about Back to the Future is, and it has nothing to do with me, but it has this life. People don’t just like it and remember it, they celebrate it and hug it and get my face tattooed on their leg, and I mean, it’s crazy but in a good way. I love it and only recently have I been able to embrace it in any way. Not that I rejected him before, or that I wasn’t proud of him, but I didn’t fully understand how much people related to him, how much he meant to them.”

The 61-year-old shared the moment that changed the way he viewed the franchise.

However, Fox’s hopes are unlikely to be realized anytime soon, given that Back to the Future creators Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis have no intention of letting it happen.

Both are happy with the way the movie trilogy ended and say they don’t want to ruin anyone’s childhood with an unnecessary sequel.

However, they intend to expand the franchise through other means, which they have been doing for years, from the animated show and theme park to video games, comics, and the new musical in the West End and on Broadway.



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