Avatar The Way of Water review: A three-hour video game cut scene

At three hours and 12 minutes, the blockbuster is painfully slow, with Express.co.uk and those in the seats next to us admitting that they fell asleep for at least five minutes during the lengthy running time. The hard work was especially felt during the first two acts which seem much more interested in showing cutting-edge visuals rather than telling an engaging story.

This felt particularly jarring in the 48 frames per second cut Express.co.uk saw, up from the cinematic standard of 24. The unnecessarily high frame rate gave the film a twitchy image that makes the world dominated by CGI look more like incredibly detailed video. game cut scene than the future of cinema.

In fairness to Cameron, the motion capture characters in Avatar: The Way of Water are impressive, as are the aquatic alien creatures we see in extended underwater scenes that feel like an IMAX 3D documentary. However, this is a movie, not a David Attenborough nature walk. And yet much of the second act takes place with Na’vi children splashing around.


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