Avatar 2 Is Still A Spectacular Blockbuster – Review

As it clocks in at three hours and 12 minutes, only daredevils would take a seat while sucking down one of those theater-sized vats of bubbly pop. But when the action shifts to a new aquatic outpost on the planet Pandora, the magnificent alien vistas should have everyone in their seats.

As with the original, the story is not the main draw. Sam Worthington’s wounded soldier, Jake Sully, is now perfectly at home in his avatar body and deliriously happy with his 10-foot-tall blue wife (Zoe Saldana).

Since the last film, they have lived an idyllic life as leaders of their Na’vi tribe and loving parents of four children, three of them teenagers.

There’s also Spider (Jack Champion), a dreadlocked white human boy who hangs out with the family as an aimless gap year student.

Then the bellicose earthlings arrive, with the intention of colonizing the planet. With the mind of the Colonel

Quaritch (Stephen Lang) now implanted in the avatar of an alien assassin, the Sullys seek refuge on a remote island kingdom inhabited by their amphibian cousins, the Metkayina, who are ruled by the Kate Winslet matriarch.

As in the first film, Cameron wows us with 3D introductions to the world’s fantastical creatures, including the scary ilu in which the Metkayina ride beneath the waves.

This aquatic world is immersive, but the high frame rate (twice the normal at 48 frames per second) can break the spell.

The sequences featuring the human child look jarringly hyper-real.

Although the effects are not as innovative as in the original, Avatar 2 is still a spectacular blockbuster fueled by exciting action scenes.

Hopefully the next three sequels will have more heart, a shorter run time, and a lower frame rate.

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