Ashley and Michael Darby’s age gap is bigger than you thought

From lewd acts to the noticeable age difference, Ashley and Michael Darby have been at the center of the discussion for quite some time. Despite the negativity, the the duo went ahead to marry in 2014 after four years of dating.

Amid criticism from her co-stars and the public, the Maryland native explained that she and Michael have had their share of disagreements stemming from disagreeing, in part regarding their age difference. “Michael and I have this age difference. He’s 29 years older than me. And he has so much business experience that I think he forgets that I don’t necessarily have all those years,” Ashley said. the daily dish in 2017. “So he has these expectations of me being a strong, self-assured, self-assured businesswoman when really I’m still navigating the ropes. I’m still learning as I go.”

Although many celebrities have wide age gaps, fans couldn’t get over these two, often resulting in disapproval and being called a “gold digger.” “It’s different and anything that’s different, people have to make sense of it in their minds,” Ashley revealed to the “shine it” podcast in November 2021 (via the daily mail). While it may not work for everyone, the couple avoided haters who disapproved of their age differences and kept their relationship intact for the most part.

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