Armie Hammer finds himself in a costly new legal battle

Armie Hammer may have managed to stay out of the news recently, but thanks to a massive unpaid credit card bill, his name is back in the press. According to documents obtained by TMZ, American Express is suing Hammer for more than $67,000. Hammer allegedly got the credit card in 2011 and has yet to pay it off in full.

In 2011, Hammer’s career was in full swing. He had recently appeared in his breakout role on “The Social Network,” and the offers were pouring in. The lawsuit couldn’t come at a worse time for Hammer, who was allegedly dumped by his billionaire father after his BDSM scandal broke. “His dad won’t help him anymore and he’s been cut, so he went to work,” the source said. People, adding that Hammer had taken a job selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands. Hammer hasn’t personally confirmed or denied the rumors of his new job, but photos appear to show the former actor dressed in a uniform working at a resort.

Hammer may be struggling with money, but for once, things seem to be copacetic in his family life. Hammer’s ex Elizabeth Chambers told him Y! news that things between her and Hammer were great. “We talk all the time. We are totally committed to our children,” she said. Chambers also noted that her divorce has yet to be finalized, but she would not say whether or not Hammer’s recent financial troubles were the reason for the delay.

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