Are you playing too much Switch? Find out with the Nintendo 2022 review

If you want to know how many hours you spent playing your Nintendo Switch this year, you should head over to Nintendo’s annual review website to find out. Similar to Sony’s PlayStation Wrap-up, the Nintendo Switch Annual Review lets console owners check out their gaming stats for all of 2022. This includes the top three games you spent the most time playing, as well as other stats. funny.

If you want to know how many hours you spent on Nintendo Switch, just head over to the annual review website and sign in to your account.

Nintendo explains further: “It’s been a wonderful year in gaming! Whether you’ve spent time relaxing and gardening or fighting hordes of enemies, we hope you’ve enjoyed playing games on the Nintendo Switch system.

“To revisit your year of Nintendo Switch adventures, check out the Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 website and sign in to your Nintendo Account.

“You’ll get a personalized view of your playing time last year.”

In addition to showing the most played games, the review also reveals which games you played at launch, when you played the most, and which games you’ve played over multiple years.

The Year’s Review even breaks things down into the most played genres, before ending with some recommendations.

You can share each individual stat with friends on social media, in case you want to compare notes.

“As the year comes to a close, we’d like to send a big thank you to all of you for playing Nintendo Switch this year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2023!” Nintendo concludes.

Next year should be a big one for Nintendo, especially with the release of the sequel to Breath of the Wild, titled The Legend of Zelda; Tears of the Kingdom

There’s also a chance we could see the new Metroid Prime game, not to mention more Mario Kart 8 DLC.

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