Are Raven and SK from Love Is Blind Season 3 still together? -Nicki Swift

In recent weeks, reality TV fans have been immersed in the dramatic third season of “Love Is Blind.” While the new batch of couples faced a variety of ups and downs throughout the 11-episode season, none were as dramatic as SK Alagbada and Raven Ross’ relationship. During their time on the series, the pair clashed over cultural differences, SK’s impending move to California, and lack of intimacy.

However, one of the couple’s most shocking moments occurred on their wedding day, when SK revealed that he couldn’t marry Raven despite the latter saying yes to his proposal. “We have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this,” she said (via Hello!).

Luckily for devoted fans, the couple revealed that they overcame their relationship hurdles during the show’s recent reunion special. “Raven and I were able to talk after the wedding. We just explained and poured our hearts out,” SK explained (via women’s health). SK went on to say that despite her moving to California and Raven staying in Dallas, the two are on “very good terms” and are taking their relationship “one day at a time.” Raven echoed similar sentiments, saying, “I feel like we have a lot more stories to tell.”

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