Are Colleen and Matt from Love Is Blind Season 3 still together? -Nicki Swift

Ever since they said “I do,” Colleen and Matt from season 3 of “Love Is Blind” have been going strong. Good to know shared that the duo explained their current status during the reunion episode of the popular reality dating series. Matt said that he and Colleen are still married, but they don’t live together yet. The couple was not quite ready to live under the same roof when they got married. “We’re very much on the same page. As far as logistics and money, we weren’t there,” Colleen said. “As soon as the wedding, the next day, we weren’t ready in terms of money to give up our leases. Like we hadn’t even gotten there yet.” However, the two “stay together seven days a week,” Matt explained, with Colleen adding that she “can’t wait to move in with him.”

As a devoted married couple, these lovebirds have been publicly seen doing everyday chores together. A Tik Tok The user filmed Colleen and Matt leaving a Target store together in Dallas, Texas on November 7, captioning the post: “I guess love really is blind.” Though they faced an adjustment period after filming for “Love Is Blind” wrapped, Colleen and Matt fell more in love than ever.

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