Apex Legends season 15 eclipse adds Broken Moon map and more

Eclipse is the next big update for Apex Legends, and the upcoming Season 15 patch will add a ton of new features to EA and Respawn’s hit game. The biggest new addition coming to Apex Legends in Season 15 will be the new Broken Moon map, which adds larger-scale points of interest to help spread out the action and shake up the traditional flow and feel of a map. A great new feature in Eclipse that will help players traverse Broken Moon is the new Zip Rails system, which will not only allow players to move around a map more quickly, but will help open up a wide range of new strategy and gameplay options. play.

This map, which is slightly larger than World’s Edge, along with the Zip Rail will give players more options on where to drop thanks to the larger POIs.

These more comfortable landing spots will also give players plenty of time to collect loot before starting a proper match.

The larger scale map and points of interest will help keep things fresh and avoid the need for some specific landing points on the map that most players start a match and arrive from.

Elsewhere, Zip Rails will allow players to quickly travel from one POI to another, quickly escape from danger, and even open up possibilities for jousting.

Zip Rails and Broken Moon will be available in Apex Legends as part of the next Eclipse update with the release of Season 15 on Tuesday, November 1.

And that’s not all, as Apex Legends also gets a new gifting system that will help experienced players gift items to their friends.

This is ideal if you have a friend who is just getting started in Apex Legends and needs help.

Bundles and cosmetic items purchased from the Shop can be gifted to friends.

Apex Legends Season 15 will also receive a new decal system, which can be equipped on all healing items and helps players express themselves more.

Speaking about the upcoming Broken Moon map, EA said: “Broken Moon is a terraforming project commissioned by the Cleo Reclamation Council, as a result of the catastrophic meteorite impact that occurred in 2708.

“With the help of the Boreas Science Division, the moon became a habitable environment in 2715.

“To further finance colonization, the government signed a contract with the Syndicate to take the Apex Games to the moon.

“Broken Moon is similar in size to World’s Edge and features a wide variety of terrains: both alien and quasi-familiar. Locations range from glamorous gardens to a gigantic terraforming machine to a dirty dock.”

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