Antonio Brown takes another brutal dig at Tom Brady amid Gisele Bündchen drama

Antonio Brown can’t stop himself when it comes to poking fun at his former teammate Tom Brady’s marital problems. On October 23, Brown teased Brady about Gisele Bündchen on social media again, this time taking his talent to Snapchat, according to TMZ. Posting an old photo of Bündchen wrapping his arms around Brady’s shoulders, Brown edited his own head into the quarterback’s.

Brown’s relentless attack on Brady’s personal life has some wondering exactly what happened between the former friends. An inhabitant of Twitter offered, “Makes you wonder what Tom did. He probably got AB kicked off the team in Tampa. Stop assuming Tom is innocent.” Many others think that Brown is hinting at an extramarital affair between him and Bündchen. As one fan put it, Brady’s decision to let Brown live with him and Bündchen might have been a mistake, writing“Everyone might have been in the house one day and Tom might have had one of those ‘I’ll be right back’ situations and that’s all it took.”

In any case, don’t expect Brown’s social media assault on Brady to stop anytime soon. After all, he set his October 22 cheep imploring fans to support the embattled and controversial Kanye “Ye” West.

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