Anna Camp had a good reason to leave The Mindy Project

Midway through the airing of the first season of “The Mindy Project” in November 2012, TV lineMichael Ausiello’s confirmed that Anna Camp would appear as Gwen Gandy in fewer episodes, while her co-star Amanda Setton would leave the show entirely, and Shauna Dicanio would no longer be on the show. Why? Well, Setton is believed to have left for reasons of a creative nature, while Camp reportedly asked to be given a reduced role because she too wanted to pursue other acting avenues.

Creator Mindy Kaling doubled down on those reports a few months later during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January 2013, claiming that Camp requested the change because she wanted more time so she could audition for other projects. That seemed to be because it was never the plan of “The Mindy Project” for her character to be a particularly important part of the show. “Her part of her on the show hasn’t changed story-wise. It’s a workplace show, so we weren’t using her as much,” Kaling explained (via Vulture). Notably, however, the two had worked together before, as Camp appeared alongside her in two episodes of “The Office” as Penny Beasley, the sister of Jenna Fischer’s Pam Beasley, for IMDb.

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