Andy Dick is in trouble with the law once again

On October 13, Andy Dick was arrested for allegedly stealing power tools from a home in California. According to TMZ, pleaded not guilty to residential burglary in the first degree. He is currently in the Santa Barbara Jail with bail set at $50,000. Dick allegedly took several power tools from the garage of a house that was under construction. Police authorities apparently caught him red-handed as he tried to leave the property. Dick’s attorney, Brian Mathis, told TMZ that they are “confident additional facts will come to light that support Mr. Dick as this case progresses.”

Dick was recently in serious trouble with the law. In May, Dick was arrested for felony sexual assault, for Page six. The incident was captured on a live stream, with a YouTuber named “JJ” claiming that the comedian molested him in his sleep. Dick was released from jail after posting 10% of his $25,000 bail, according to another page six report. In late May, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office told him The hill that Dick would not be charged, as the victim no longer complied with the investigation. A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office explained: “The case cannot proceed without the help of the victim.”

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