Andy Cohen Admits Bethenny Frankel’s Housewives Podcast Caught Him By Surprise – Nicki Swift

Since joining the show in episode one, Bethenny Frankel has treated the “Real Housewives of New York” as something of a revolving door. By People, the reality star left the show after season 3, made a glamorous return for season 7, then insisted she was completely over it by the season 11 finale. Surprise! She is not. While Frankel’s latest return to the world of housewives isn’t what we expected, it wasn’t what Andy Cohen expected either.

page six reports that Frankel is back with a bang. Despite some very public and vocal criticism of the reality franchise, Frankel is launching a new podcast called “ReWives.” Despite being a little confused by Frankel’s “Housewives” 180, Cohen knows better than to stare a free publicity giveaway horse in his mouth. “I was a little surprised,” Cohen admitted of his reaction to the news about the show. “But again, I said, ‘Oh, this is good, good for you.’ The more ‘Housewives’ podcasts, the better. Let’s hope it does better than Frankel’s latest.”[Ten-minute rants] no focus or direction with five minutes being Iheartradio commercials. Why bother,” a listener commented about “Only B”.

Meanwhile, Frankel’s former co-stars aren’t exactly rooting for his success. Luann de Lesseps dragged out the businessman during an appearance on “Everything Iconic,” stating that “it’s pretty sad and pathetic” (via Y! News). “She has to turn to ‘Housewives’ because of all her failed turns of hers since ‘Housewives.’ It’s a pretty hopeless scenario.”

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