Andrea Bocelli sings with Virginia Bocelli, 10, from an 11,000-foot mountain

For the past few months, Andrea Bocelli has been flying around the world on tour to promote her new album, A Family Christmas. The festive record is his first collaboration with his son Matteo Bocelli, 25, and daughter Virginia Bocelli, 10. The two brothers, who have inherited their father’s incredible voice, have teamed up with the maestro for all kinds of of live events, including a performance. at the Festival of Memory at the Royal Albert Hall. In addition to making a cameo appearance on The Simpsons, the trio filmed themselves singing high up in the Italian Alps.

The Bocellis were caught singing 3,300 meters up on Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe. There, the trio performed Il Giorno più Speciale, an Italian song from their new album. Written by Andrea and Matteo, it translates as The Most Special Day.

Most recently, the Italian maestro shared a New Year’s photo of himself with Matteo and Virginia in a family photo that also includes the tenor’s wife, Veronica, and another son, Amos.

Andrea captioned the Instagram post: “I like to think of New Years Eve as the day that celebrates every new day, the anniversary that celebrates the moment the mind begins to control the body. Having regained its strength from sleep, the body regulates itself once more, with its own senses, in the world and in the harmonic cycle of nature. I wish you, your loved ones and everyone a festive New Year, full of trust and gratitude, a New Year characterized by that sunny feeling that, as nature’s biorhythm teaches us, is renewed every day. In my good wishes, I think about how a party that was born pagan can be so full of religion. God does not need to prove his existence: his miracle is at every dawn. Just look at the immense complexity that your living body houses, just listen to yourself and to the passing of time.”

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Andrea added: “Every achievement, whether personal or professional, technological, scientific, artistic, even the most striking, is nothing compared to the silent work of a living body, of a flower that is born or withers and then returns to life. life”. Earth to give life once more. Today I wish you a rich life from the bottom of my heart and a 2023 full of love and good news.”

A Family Christmas is now available.

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