Andrea Bocelli and her children perform the Christmas Day classic on the BBC

In recent months Andrea Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli have been touring the world with their special holiday album A Family Christmas. The 25-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter of the Italian tenor have shown that they certainly inherited their father’s singing talent. As Christmas Day dawns, the trio performed a seasonal classic on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Joined by a guitarist, Andrea sat down at the piano to play and sing the Spanish Christmas song Feliz Navidad, which is included on her new album. The 64-year-old was joined by Matteo and Virginia, singing alongside his father in the BBC segment.

The three also performed the song for a special The Simpsons short, which is available to stream on Disney+. In the video, the cartoon family wakes up on Christmas Day to find that Homer has received Marge Andrea Bocelli as a gift, before Matteo and Virginia show up to sing Merry Christmas as a trio.

Andrea has shared a family Christmas photo, which also includes his wife Veronica and another son Amos, along with a festive message of hope.

Andrea concluded: “The Bocelli family wishes you a Merry Christmas, and that this seasonal feeling, the one we all know without giving it a name, takes root today and hope, serenity and faith sprout every day.”

At first, the maestro admitted that he wasn’t sure he wanted to make another Christmas album. During a recent live stream, Andrea said: “Honestly, at first, I wasn’t too convinced. I already made a Christmas album many years ago. But then I thought that the family is such an important thing… the family in this period is in trouble, this is a beautiful opportunity and an important message for everyone. Family for me has always been the most important thing. The opportunity for [work alongside] my family is a dream for me. Virginia’s voice is the voice of an angel and Matteo’s is a deep and expressive voice and, unfortunately, there is also my voice.”

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The Italian tenor said of the opportunity to work with his children on the album A Family Christmas: “I think there is nothing more beautiful than making music with your children; I consider it a privilege.”

Meanwhile, Matteo added: “Singing these songs together, feeling the warmth of the holidays with my family is something really special. That’s what Christmas is all about: creating memories together to treasure forever. It’s really exciting to think that people will have a copy of our album wrapped up under the tree.”

A Family Christmas is out now.

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