Andrea Bocelli adopts a nearly deaf Ukrainian dog and moves to Italy

Mr. Bocelli can be seen speaking to the dog in soothing tones as he tenderly pets the traumatized pet.

The Italian singer held the dog Jack’s leash and surveyed his face with his hand as he smiles and talks to the person filming them off-screen.

He can be heard saying, “Small. Small. It’s good. Hello, hello.”

Jack, the rescue dog, seems to be happy and panting contentedly during the sweet moment with his new owner.

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@Basia1953babs commented: “Imagine the lucky dog ​​that Jack is, to lie down and rest at this man’s feet for the rest of his life.”

@HurdmanMargot wrote: “Thank God for the good people in this world”

@SueVaugh66869325 said: “Lucky dog. How lovely.”

@Ken_eeken added: “His ears and his eyes, the perfect matchup.”


Irina Ponomarenko, director of an animal shelter in Dnipro, a city in Ukraine, has explained that many dogs in her shelter are not strays but abandoned pets.

Ms. Ponomarenko told NPR: “Often people fleeing war are given just a few minutes to evacuate, taking with them the most valuable thing: their animals.

“When they arrive, their houses have often been destroyed and their cars have been shot at. They are confused and crying.”

“Their animals are often injured or sick because there are no longer any animal clinics in the East.”


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