An inside look at Meghan Markle’s friendship with Beyoncé

Before becoming a royal, Meghan Markle proved she was a member of Beyhive wearing hot sauce, according to yahoo! Life. In a photo she posted to her since-deleted Instagram account, Meghan posed with a bottle of spicy stuff sticking out of her bag and referred to a lyric from “Training.” Her caption read: “The closest I’ll ever get to channeling Beyoncé. #hotsauceinmybagswag.” After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex married in 2018, actor Idris Elba confirmed that Meghan is a fan of Beyoncé. He was asked to DJ the royal wedding reception and he told them entertainment tonight that the playlist included some Beyoncé songs.

Queen Bey returned the duchess’s love tenfold at the 2019 Brit Awards. The “Halo” hitmaker and her husband, Jay-Z, filmed his acceptance speech to the award for the best international group in front of a picture of Meghan. as pointed out People, was a visual reference to the pair’s “Apes**t” music video, but the artwork featured there was the Mona Lisa. Meghan’s painting was by artist Tim O’Brien and envisioned the Duchess dripping royal jewels with a crown on her head.

Beyoncé also shared a photo of the artwork on Instagram and dedicated a blog post to Meghan on your website. She celebrated the actor’s charity work, writing: “She and Prince Harry have continued to drive the dialogue on race relations both near and far.”

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