Alleged new details about Leslie Jordan’s health before her death have come to light

Leslie Jordan reportedly scheduled a cardiologist appointment just before her death on the morning of October 24. As sources close to the star said TMZJordan had been experiencing discomfort for three weeks before his death, including complaining of shortness of breath. Jordan’s appointment was scheduled for next week, and the actor reportedly wondered if a heart-related problem was to blame for his symptoms. Insiders, however, told the outlet that Jordan was otherwise healthy, despite suffering from a COVID-19 outbreak in 2021.

Another little-known aspect of Jordan’s health was that he had been recovering from alcohol addiction for more than two decades, according to People. After becoming a chronic drinker in his 30s, Jordan revealed that he began racking up multiple DUIs, winning three in 1997 alone. Although he was sentenced to 120 days in jail that year, he only served 14, and the judge released him after a stern warning. Subsequently, Jordan entered a 12-step program to help him recover. He said, “The hardest thing I’ve ever done was get sober,” adding, “but I was so scared I was going to go back to jail.”

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